"Eyes, Lies and Illusions"

Ed. Laurent Mannoni, Werner Nekes, Marina Warner.

Hayward Gallery Publishing, London 2004

Australian Center of the Moving Image, Melbourne 

240 pages, Paperback

ISBN 1-85332-244-X 

"In historical terms, Eyes, Lies and Illusions concludes precisely at the point where film begins; the collection reaches back from pre-cinematic experiments in animation to a Renaissance appropriation of an eleventh-century Arabic treatise on perspective.

It encompasses high art and popular entertainment, philosophical enquiry, scientific discovery and teasing visual games for children. Eyes, Lies and Illusions includes more than 1,000 objects from the Nekes Collection, and it has been enormously rewarding to work with its creator on this presentation, guided by his immense knowledge of the subject and his insights into the significance of the images and objects, and their interconnections."

(From the Preface of the catalogue)

A landmark catalogue accompanies the exhibition, featuring over 200 pages of colour images and essays.

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