Media Magica I - Film Before Film

französischFilm Before Film (Was geschah wirklich zwischen den Bildern)
By Werner Nekes, 1986, Color, 83 mins.

Regie & Buch Werner Nekes
Kamera: Bernd Upnmoor, Christoph Schlingensief, Serge Roman
Musik: Anthony Moore
Ton: Andreas Wölki, Wolfgang Wirtz
Ausstattung: Dore 0.
Schnitt: Astrid Nikolaus
Animation: Helmut Herbst

An exhilarating and amusing encyclopedic look at the „prehistory“ of cinema. Werner Nekes charts the fascination with moving pictures which led to the birth of film, covering shadow plays, peep shows, flip books, flicks, magic lanterns, lithopanes, panoramic, scrolls, colorful forms of early animation, and numerous other historical artiffices.
Working with these formats, early „producers“ created melodramas, comedies, - as well as lots of pornography – anticipating most of the forms known today. Nekes probes these colorful toys and inventions in a rich and rewarding optical experience. Film Before Film is a bewildering assault of exotic (and sometimes erotic) images and illusions.

Critical Acclaim
„These primitive spezial effects retain the power to evoke a childlike wonder.“ J. Hoberman, Village Voice
„An astonishing array... These images are abundantly beautiful.“ Russell Merritt, Film Quaterly

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