schwarzhuhnbraunhuhnschwarzhuhnweißhuhnrothuhnweiß oder put-putt


französisch1967,16 mm, color, 10 min.

1. Being used at the expression of movement: a chicken.
2. Collage of music out of 200 different beginnings and ends of compositions.

Awards: Int'l Film Prize, Brasilia; Best
Films in Art, Germany Bambi, 1968.

Exhibition: Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium; Studentfilm, Mannheim; Oberhausen; London Short Film week; Stuttgarter Filmtage; Palermo sesta settimana internationale; Internationale Filmwoche, Mannheim; München European Filmmaker; Hamberger Filmschau.

Collections: Cinematheque Royale de Belgique; Internationes; Osterreichisches Film-museum; Institut für Jungenbildung Dornberg.

Aus: canyon cinema, film/video catalog 2000

This film is a poetic endeavor about Life and Death. A brown hen was selected to convey motion. The soundtrack is a collage of approximately 200 beginnings and endings of different musical pieces.
The development of the hen's actions, under the motto "eat or die", are as the title suggests (put is the chicken's call, and putt is short for kaputt) set down in an arc of light. This corresponds to the exposition of Bogen:

Black picture made up of grain, a hen pecking, seen from below through a pane of glass. (This angle of view was inspired by a take in the film "Entr'acte" by René
Clair, France 1924: a dancing ballerina is filmed from below, but when the camera tilts upwards the girl turns out to be a bearded man). The picture is cleared. It is covered with grain once more, black. White screen. Snow. Bleeding hen, decapitated, colors the snow red. Snow fails, covering the blood and the hen.

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