französisch1968,16 mm, black and white, 14 min. (at a projection rate of 16 pictures per second), silent.

This film, conceived for an "oral culture" shows cows on a pasture in Northern Germany in one single shot. With interruptions, the cows seem to attempt to concentrate on the camera "...until at last two cars glide past in the background, the film's climax, gratefully received by an applauding audience…” (Peter Steinhart, Rheinische Post, Dec. 19, 1968).

"Films such as MUHKUH may seem a clumsy parody on certain art films. On closer scrutiny though, further strata of meaning are uncovered, for instance, the cows’ behavior is affected directly by the process of filming itself. The cows now react in a way quite similar to that of human beings suddenly placed in front of a camera. Werner Nekes consciously directs the behavior of the cows by the use of acoustic signals, which is in accordance with the methodical construction of his films in general." (Cyrus Kube, Aachener Nachrichten, Nov. 16, 1968).


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