Johnny Flash


directed by Werner Nekes,
80 min., col. 1986.
Screenplay. Werner Nekes, Peter Ritz,
Cinematography. Bernd Upnmoor, Serge Roman,
Music: Helge Schneider,
Sound: Andreas Wölki, Wolfgang Wirtz
Editor: Astrid Nicklaus
Cast: Heige Schneider, Andreas Kunze, Heike MelbaFendel, Marianne Traub
produced: Werner Nekes Filmproduktion/Filmförderung NW

Experimental filmmaker Werner Nekes describes in this, his first comedy the extraordinary career of the pop king of the Ruhr, „Johnny Flash“. This obstinate offspring of the Potzkothen family succeeds in becoming, thanks to the unflagging support of his mother, his manager and „that girl at Music Satellite“ a celebrated pop star. In the final sequence of this satire on show business and mother-son-love, Johnny and his mama wander off into an uncertain horizon, just as Charlie Chaplin once did at the end of his films ...

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