Tarzan’s Kampf mit dem Gorilla

französischTarzan’s Kampf mit dem Gorilla
1968, 16 mm, black and white, 12 min.
"A satire with cinematical comedy. No other medium would permit this specific form. The comic potential of pithy scraps of dialogue between safari companions, of Tarzan's war-cries and love-stammerings was amplified by illustrating these sounds with pictures of a friendly German wood and homely elephants in a zoo. (Peter Steinhart, Rheinische Post, Dec. 19, 1968).
"A 'jungle-film' compiled from sounds, elemental cries and dialogues of the genre, which acquire a new meaning in front of a backdrop of 'neutral' scenery and scenes. What is reminiscent of the jungle, is not what one sees but what has been drawn together to form a contrast: the normal sphere of day-to-day dialogue in which trivial conversation develops into a ceremony, while a socializing roundel of introduction sounds like a macabre ballet of names from 'La cantatrice chauve' or 'Les chaises' by Ionesco. The silhouettes of trees in the park remind one the jungle a shot the soundtrack for which is taken from the 'jungle- film’: a still panorama of inexorably progressing anarchy." (Jörg Peter Feurich, Filmkritik 2/1970).

Tarzan's Kampf mit dem Gorilla

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